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Hello writers, we welcome voices from various spheres on our leading platform to write for us. We are providing an opportunity for writers to write for us and get broad visibility and a platform to share guest blogs or guest post. Our community is the first growing website with visitors looking for new stories, articles and news. Every writer dreams to reach an audience of that calibre and size. 
You can add your valuable guest blogs to our extinct homepage at affordable rates. Quality is our prime priority rather than quantity and we do not compromise on that. If you have an idea that will challenge our readers, thereby moving our industry forward, we want to hear about it. We will push you to get where you need your article to be at its best. Once we accept, you will get feedback from our team and work closely with our editors on revisions.

How To Write For Us In Our Website

Your submissions need to meet our content team’s quality standard to publish your content. Your article needs to be above 700 words and provide something valuable to our readers. When you write to us, it is essential to pick your topic particularly. We always look for well written content regarding home improvement, interior decor items, home remodeling, home decor, interior design and more. If you are interested to write a sponsored guest post or submit infographics to BlogzForum, you can submit your article at contact@blogzforum.com

Once you publish your content on our website you cannot publish anywhere else, which includes your own blog. Images and videos will be encouraged if you write to us as they make an article look enticing to the reader. While you submit a post, keep in mind that the width of the images should be 580 pixels or less. Make sure to send the images as a separate attachment. 

What Do We Accept

We accept a white categories of blogs, product reviews, articles and infographics with proper link insertion. Though there are many topics to write about, you can choose to write to us in the following categories. 

  • How-To Articles
  • News and Updates.
  • Home Decor Tips and Tricks.
  • Technology
  • Top 10’s and Top 20’s:
  • Interior Decor Tips.
  • Pets
  • Automobiles
  • Real Estate

Apart from these, if anything attracts your attention that could be productive for our users or readers, feel free to share it with us. 

Guest Post Requirements

  • The content needs to have at least 700 words. 
  • There must be at least one images within the articles. 
  • The use of headings, bold font, subheadings and bullet lists is essential so that it gets simple to read for our readers. 
  • You can add a maximum of one to two backlinks in the article. 
  • It is essential that your content must not violate any kind of copyright laws. 
  • There needs to be a conclusion at the end of every content. Apart from that, you also need to add a small summary in the beginning of your content. 
  • Make sure that your title should be attractive and must be less than 70 characters. 
  • The image you provide should be of HD quality and the format for the articles should be Microsoft word as email attachments. 
  • Please mention guest content in your subject line and include your author bio by giving social links. 
How To Submit Guest Post Or Infographics

We will be delighted if you contribute your content to BlogzForum. You can mail us at our email ID. Once you email us, we will review your article and shortly publish it on our blog. Reach out to us and start writing enticing guest blogs for us.

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