Choose One of the Best Tea Wholesalers in Siliguri

If you are looking for one of the best tea wholesalers in Siliguri to buy loose tea and CTC tea in bulk at wholesale price, Naturolled is the best option. 

Naturolled offers CTC tea to end customers and provides tea distributors with one of the most competitive tea wholesale price

In this post, learn what makes Naturolled one of the best tea wholesalers in Siliguri and other locations in West Bengal.

1. Best Tea Wholesale Price

Of the biggest benefits for tea distributors in choosing Naturolled as their wholesaler tea supplier in Siliguri is alluring wholesale rates. Naturolled offers highly competitive wholesale rates to help tea distributors have access to low bulk pricing for bulk tea orders.

It is only by choosing a wholesaler offering attractive rates that tea distributors can benefit by keeping a high profit margin for themselves. Lower wholesale tea pricing also helps tea distributors place bulk loose tea and CTC tea orders with much more confidence, convenience, and peace of mind. 

2. Best Profit Margin for Tea Distributors of All Sizes

The most important factor that makes Naturolled one of the leading CTC tea wholesalers in Siliguri is the company offers the highest profit margin to tea distributors of all sizes and locations.  

With Naturolled, tea distributors of all sizes get a high profit margin of 30%. This 30% profit margin rate is significantly higher than the industry standard rate (what other tea wholesalers offer to distributors). The industry standard profit margin rate for tea distributors is currently in the range of 20% to 22%. 

The higher profit margin that Naturolled offers directly translates to higher profit for tea distributors and better and faster business growth. 

If you are looking for a highly profitable distributorship business in West Bengal, contact Naturolled at for CTC tea distributorship partnership. 

3. Free Transportation and Delivery of Bulk Tea Orders

Another major benefit for tea distributors from Naturolled is the free delivery of bulk CTC tea orders from Naturolled’s tea facility to the main location of the distributors. As one of the leading tea wholesalers in Siliguri, Naturolled offers free delivery to the main location of distributors on every bulk tea order.

The free transport of bulk tea orders is available to the main location (for example, the main landmark) of the distributors. Naturolled’s delivery team will deliver bulk tea orders to the main site of the distributors.

4. Performance-based Incentives

Unlike other tea wholesalers in Siliguri, Naturolled offers plenty of additional benefits that help tea distributors grow their business higher and faster. 

Naturolled seeks to offer hikes in profit margin based on the quarterly or yearly performance of the tea distributors. By earning hikes, tea distributors can benefit from a profit margin of more than 30%. This opportunity is unmatched in the tea distributorship industry.

Naturolled also seeks to offer bonuses and incentives to distributors based on their performance and the company’s annual turnover. So, if you are planning for a profitable distributorship business in West Bengal and other regions, partnering with Naturolled is one of the best decisions to make. 

Contact Naturolled’s tea distributorship team at to learn more about the tea distributorship business program. 

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