Unknown Facts Regarding Female Fertility

Female fertility is something defined as the capability to conceive a child. Every couple looking forward to conceiving needs to be aware of the essential facts regarding female fertility and reproduction as correct knowledge will help them to take the best decisions about their reproductive health from the top gynecologist doctor in Kolkata.

Many of us consider that the age of a woman plays an important role in affecting her fertility. But, little did we know that the age of the father also plays an essential role when it comes to achieving a healthy pregnancy. According to research, men younger than 40 years have a better possibility of becoming a parent compared to those older than 40. If you are looking for a Gynae doctor near me, feel free to disclose your age and other factors when you are determining the possibility of pregnancy. Read this article to understand the essential facts regarding female fertility.

Debunking Female Fertility Facts

  • The most essential factor in female fertility is age. Females are born with all the ova that they will ever have and while they age the quality and quantity of those ovums decline. You will not experience menopause until your early 50, but for maximum women, fertility starts decreasing shortly around the age of 35. The possibility of a woman getting pregnant is less than 5% by age 40 according to the menstrual cycle. Only 5 out of 100 females are anticipated to be successful every month that they attempt pregnancy.
  • Infertility in women can point from the amazing reproductive organs that happen with disease or injury. Reaching out to the top doctors in a multispeciality hospital in Kolkata can be helpful for those diseases. One common disease refers to pelvic inflammatory disease, which refers to an infection within the upper reproductive system. Another disease is endometriosis, which is a health condition where tissues from within the uterus start to grow on other organs causing cysts, swelling and blockages that can prevent pregnancy in a similar manner.
  • Radiation and chemotherapy, which are life-saving treatments for cancer and other diseases, can damage the fertility of a woman and lead to premature menopause. Egg freezing was developed initially as a process for women who were anticipated to undergo radiation and chemotherapy to preserve their possibility of pregnancy in the future. If you want to freeze your eggs, the best hospital in Kolkata has professionals that can guide you through the process of egg freezing.
  • After pregnancy, women are given fetal medicine. It refers to a branch of medicine that uses multiple diagnostic procedures to determine the health of the baby. The specialists for these medicines play a key role in the comprehensive management, diagnosis and counseling of pregnant females particularly when pregnancy happens due to fetal abnormalities.
  • Less than 3% of cases of infertility in women required the usage of reproductive Technology like in vitro fertilization. If you are looking for a multispeciality hospital in Kolkata for IVF treatment, you can visit our website our doctors are experienced and knowledgeable enough when it comes to in vitro fertilization as they have led multiple successful cases earlier in their careers.
  • Folic acid needs to be consumed during and before pregnancy for preventing birth defects. It should be taken as a supplement after reaching out to the top gynaecologist doctor in Kolkata before at least 5 to 20 weeks to increase the possibilities of conception.
  • Lifestyle choices like being underweight or overweight or having an irregular diet or sleep cycle can also affect the fertility of women by creating hormonal imbalances.
  • Medical history also plays an essential role in female fertility. Particular medical treatments can decrease the fertility of a woman. Ovarian surgery for eliminating cysts or treating endometriosis can damage the ovaries or decrease the ovarian reserve. There are other medical treatments that can also lead to decreasing fertility by causing pelvic inflammatory diseases and damaging the reproductive system. Get yourself treated by a multispeciality hospital in Kolkata to know about your medical history and start preparing for pregnancy.

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