Five Drywall Issues and the Ways to Fix Them

If you are looking for an ideal way to remodel your home this summer, then drywall can be an exciting selection. It can be used for the wall and for the ceiling as well. By hiring experienced professionals, you can create an amazing ambiance inside your home or office. Drywall is a commonly used solution for various properties. For example, it can be an effective solution against fire breakouts. Similarly, it is a cost-effective solution for partitions. It is a commonly used material and below you can find some of the most commonly occurring issues for what Peoria Tile and Carpenters can help you out.  

Surface crack can be fixed with compound

It is one of the most commonly seen issues and sometimes they just appear for no reason. Actually, there’s a reason behind it that you probably don’t see because you are not an expert. Such cracks appear out of nowhere because there’s probably a joint underneath where the two drywall sheets meet. With the passage of time, a crack in the material can appear and become obvious in case you have light color. The easiest way to fix it is to widen the crack and fill it with the compound with a putty knife, just like it was done at drywall installation

Use a repair patch for a hole caused by door

This is also a common drywall issue and it can be caused by pushing the door too hard and it hits the wall. Well, it might not happen the first time but repetition of a similar mistake can create a hole through the wall. Don’t worry though, your drywall can be fixed easily. All you need is a peel and stick repair patch to fix it. The patch is quite strong because it is an adhesive, backed up by an aluminum screen reinforced with fiberglass mesh. Clear the area to patch up the hole and place it over the hole. Finally, apply the joint compound to cover it up nicely.

Replace the crumpled corner bead

You would have often seen the damaged drywall corners and they look hideous. Drywall is a lightweight material and it can be damaged if you apply excessive force. For example, if the kids play around it or if move heavy objects around it. It would take a few hits before the material goes off and you damage the corner bead. The corner bead is the metal strip that is used to protect the meeting point of the drywall sheets at an outside wall corner. If only the material is damaged it can be easily fixed up by just using, the joint compound. However, if the metallic sheet is dented, then the damaged piece must be replaced. Use the hacksaw to cut the place and uncover it with a putty knife. Now replace the metal place and fix it with screws. Later you can cover it with the joint compound. 

Fix the window cracks with a compound

If you know a few things about the structure and materials you’d know that such defects are inevitable. The hairline cracks under or above the window can be caused by lumber shrinkage and settling in the house frame. Like any other drywall problem, it can be fixed as well. Start by sanding the wall and then vacuum the area. When all of the dust is gone it would be visible how deep it goes. After that use the joint compound to fill up the crack and let it settle down for some time. use the sandpaper again if necessary to enhance the surface. Afterward, use spray paint to color it. 

Fill up the nail’s hole 

A nail or a screw pop is probably the biggest problem and the most imminent threat to the drywall. People add or remove things all the time and that’s why the drywall is prone to take such damage all the time. It isn’t a big problem to fix this issue, but if it has to be done frequently it can become frustrating. You can start by clearing up the hole by using a screwdriver and remove the debris from the hole. When ready fill it up with the joint compound and use a putty knife to smooth the surface. 

Drywalls are quite useful and they are intensively used in home and commercial applications. The lower maintenance cost makes them an ideal solution for most people. However, it has to be maintained properly. In case of damages, it must be fixed as soon as possible because leaving the problems unattended will only increase your trouble. Now you probably have to fix a couple of inches, but if the problem grows it would require greater effort to fix it. At the same time, the expense would increase as well.

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