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Effective leadership is the energy that allows an organization or people to lead and drive forward. Though the fable – that ‘a leader is born’ is not certainly true, as demonstrated by a few charismatic leaders such as  Branson Richard, who had dyslexia, leadership may be cultured with practice. A leader is not born yet made out of capabilities, experience, and struggles. 

Leadership is an exclusive quality that few individuals in this realm have. Leading assist other individuals see what awaits and acting fast to counter any difficulties. Thus, leadership is the skill of motivating a group or person to work with dedication and enthusiasm to attain a common objective. Regardless of the educational and qualification merit, anybody may become a leader. Therefore, while there are numerous qualities of a good leader, this essay will concentrate on what makes a good leader based on good communication, delegating, good decision-making, and a strong commitment level to explain how these characteristics can assist in making a good leader.

Among the most important qualities of an effective leader is the readiness to lead; this appears like something that is generally understood or accepted. Yet, it is amazing how most individuals in leadership cannot take an energetic duty in leading their group. Good leaders do not get comfortable observing what is happening; instead, they must make choices and ensure that the team carries on. Also, a good leader must have the self-confidence to stand by these decisions when certain that they are correct. But, if they happen to be wrong, they need likewise to own their mistakes and develop a substitute plan if a failure occurs; this will make their subordinates content. As such, desire and readiness to lead make leaders influence others. They show a willingness to take accountability and have the self-confidence needed to persuade their group of the suitability of decisions along with goals.

Speedy and high-quality decision-making is an important attribute of a great leader that enhances organizational performance. Decision-making involves making choices by collecting information and evaluating alternative solutions—proper decision-making assist leader in showing their workers that they cherish their work and greatest interests. Whenever leaders take the time to analyze, explain, and evaluate decisions, they likewise demonstrate trustworthiness and thoughtfulness. Great leaders comprehend how to balance reason with emotion and undertake decisions that positively influence them, their workers, stakeholders, customers, and organizations. Thus, with great decisive leaders, the organization can prosper on the quality and the diverse decisions that have been considered over time.

Although leaders need to be active in leadership, good leaders should also understand delegating duties. Delegating duties to other departments or people is vital for a good leader. Leaders need to be capable of trusting the team to implement their vision; this entails empowering them to get engaged in distinct parts of their plans. To delegate effectually, one needs to be familiar with the weaknesses and strengths of individuals on their team to be assigned tasks properly. When good leaders delegate some jobs to others; hence they become open to concentrating on higher-value exercises and utilize their stretch more effectively; this may make space for t higher-level activities. Furthermore, delegation offers leaders time for thinking strategically, concentrating on other duties that only they can execute, like coaching and leading their groups.

Good leaders are normally referred to as excellent communicators; they have strong values and normally trust in teaching and promoting those standards in other people. Because of this, their followers appreciate and support them as leaders. Being a good communicator does not signify being an excellent talker. This attribute is essential for them to communicate with team members effectively. Accurate and effective communication is a significant aspect of developing as a successful and efficient leader. To attain professional success, leaders should be convincing and effective communicators. Leaders and their followers must learn how to ideally communicate as this will help teams complete their assignments successfully and allow organizations to attain growth and success. 

A great leader should likewise demonstrate a commitment to their team. Commitment is the determination with a goal and makes a leader worth following. The best inspiration for several individuals is seeing their leader working like everyone else; this shows a leader’s devotion to their teams and is the best way to motivate their loyalty. Devotion keeps an individual progressing in the face of challenges and adversity. Commitment assists them to stick to their goals amid the bad and good times— whenever they encounter barriers. Fundamental commitment attracts and motivates individuals. People normally trust a leader who believes in their cause. Leaders should thus continually assess their devotion to the people they lead and their goals.

In a nutshell, several factors make a good leader. Although different leadership techniques exist, those who thrive in leadership duties are likely to demonstrate the features that make a good leader. A great leader has devotion and a favorable attitude, understands how to delegate, effectively communicates, and is ready to guide a group enthusiastically. Leaders have an essential duty in an institution linked to its productivity, performance, and the employees’ success. The vital duty of a leader is to develop and uphold a high-performing group. The common myth that leaders are not made but born is not true because different good leaders exist today. Thus, it is undeniable that everyone may become a leader, yet it is accurate that no leader may be resourceful.

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