Proven Ways To Avert Roof Rat Infestation 

Roof rats are a new pest that leaves damage whenever they go. These are generally smaller than the usual sewer rats but they can grow up to 18 inches in overall length. They appear to be black having sleeker bodies than other kinds of rats. 

You can distinguish them from other rats by their pointed faces and large ears. They tend to build their nest above the ground. They do not choose underground burrows and they are excellent climbers. You can find them in trees and wood piles. Commonly there in attics, you can also find them behind walls and inside ceilings. 

Roof rat infestation is a common problem in India and the best termite treatment Kolkata can help. It is pretty difficult to get rid of this. You cannot handle the damage alone and you need to contact a professional to remove them. So, seeking the best termite treatment Bangalore can also help. 

What to do in case of damage?

Roof rats generally thrive in laundry rooms, garages, kitchens, cabinets and pool areas. It is because they require water to live. This indicates that you can also find them in leaky pipes or AC drip lines. Consider these tips for keeping these out of your home:

  • Cut off their food supply: One of the productive ways to prevent infestation is to eliminate water and food sources. If your home has citrus trees, pick up the fruit that falls off the tree right away. Avoid leaving your pet food overnight. Clean up food from the ground every evening. Limit bird feeding. Keep food properly stored inside your home in airtight containers or refrigerators. Take out your trash daily. Repair the leaking pipes so that they don’t have access to water. 
  • Seal any holes around the house: Even large rats can get into your house through a small opening. So, prevent this from happening by sealing cracks and gaps. Call a professional to provide the best termite treatment Kolkata for better prevention. Let your professional inspect the exterior of your house for vulnerable places and openings. Examine the sinks and dishwashers inside your home. Use sealant around the cracks and gaps. Go for professional treatment. 
  • Use poison: If your professional recommends poisoning them as a part of a rat control plan, you can do that. Do not place the poison on tree branches where it can poison birds as well. Make sure to keep it well out of reach of pets and children. Seal your home using poison so that the rats may not be able to re-enter your house. Call for the best termite treatment Bangalore if you need it. 
  • Set traps: One of the best ways to prevent rat infestation is using traps. You can use peanut butter and put it in strategic locations like the kitchen, laundry rooms and anywhere they have been. Keep unfamiliar objects with food on them so that you can set the traps easily. Make sure that the rats do not enter your home. Keep the traps in a similar position for many days before moving them to a new location. This will ensure that the rats are coming to the same place again and again. 

Wrapping Up

If roof rats are there in your home, you need to act fast. Reach out to professionals for the best termite treatment Bangalore. Professionals having a proven track record of successful best and termite eradication can help. They can create a custom eradication plan for every customer depending on their needs. You can get your life back by calling them right away. 

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