How to stay fit and fine after 50? 

It is never late to start focusing on oneself. In Fact, the ’50s are the best time to prioritize one’s fitness. Because focusing on yourself in your 50s will help you to maintain your health for decades to come. Here we have summed up 6 expert-approved everyday changes that will help you to stay fit after 50

1) Rethink your idea of exercise 

Trying to stay fit after turning 50 can be intimidating if your idea of a workout is only those high-energy workouts. As per Harvard Medical School, there are different activities that you can count as exercise in your 50s that are far less overwhelming, like gardening, household works like sweeping and vacuuming, and dancing. For example, ballet dancing is good for strength and flexibility and as per experts jazz, swing and contra dancing provide cardio benefits. And if you prefer to do something with your partner then ballroom dancing is also a great option for you. 

2)Consume more plant-based meal 

You need to fill your body with wholesome foods for staying fit and fine. And according to experts, plant-based meals are the best. Researchers have linked plant-based meals to lower rates of type 2 diabetes, heart diseases, and some cancers as compared with meals high in animal products. In Fact, an article published in the Journal of the American College of Cardiology states that surviving on a plant-based diet can decrease your risk of heart failure by almost 40%. Experts also said that vegans are healthier than people who follow other diets. 

3)Join a group fitness classes 

You can encourage yourself to work out and stay fit after 50 by joining a group fitness class. Group workouts can be really motivating for an above 50 person. You will enjoy your workouts more when you will be surrounded by people of your age. So start looking for fitness workout classes near you. Many fitness studios also provide discounted trial periods making it easier for you to figure out which type of exercise you enjoy and where you feel most comfortable. 

4)Have a talk with your doctor about your fitness 

Regular doctor’s appointment is vital in every stage of your life to stay fit and fine, but it is mostly required when you are in your 50s. Make sure to have a conversation with your doctor about your heart, health, and exercise at least twice a month. They can guide you the best on what you can do and cannot do based on your current health status and medications.

5)Track your steps 

Another best way to stay fit after turning 50 is by monitoring your steps using a fitness tracker and trying to meet a specific goal on a regular basis. You can simply do that by parking your car away from the store you are visiting or taking your dog out for a walk or going out on a morning walk with your friends. This will help you to stay fit and fine, the more you will walk, the more energy you will have and it will help you to burn your overall calorie. According to an article published in the Journal of Physical Activity and Health women above 50 years should aim for 10,000 steps a single day and men above 50 should aim for 11,000 steps a day for improving their health. 

6)Drink sufficient water 

Water is the fuel of our body and we need to keep ourselves hydrated throughout the day. So in order to stay fit after 50 one needs to drink sufficient water throughout the day. Experts said that 15.5 cups of water is required for men on a daily basis and 11.5 cups for women. But keep in mind that this amount can increase also if you are exercising a lot. Drinking enough water will help to control your body temperature, protect sensitive tissues and help indigestion. 

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