The Amount Of Water Intake Sufficient For The Human Body

Our body is made up of approximately 60% water. Every function depends on water intake. Water helps in removing toxins from the organs of our body and transporting the nutrients to our cells by lubricating the joints and helping in food digestion. We also continuously lose water during the day through sweating and urination but also by routine processes like breathing. A deficiency of water in the human body can lead patients to a multispeciality hospital in Kolkata. It is why understanding the sufficient water intake for the human body is essential.

The lack of water consumption in the human body can point to dehydration. You need to consume sufficient water every day through food and drinks if you do not want to face dehydration. The amount of water you need to consume every day is one of the common discussion topics. It changes from individual to individual. The right amount of water consumption for your body can be decided with the help of your doctor in a multispeciality hospital in Kolkata. This article addresses and outlines the ways to maintain the hydration levels of your body effectively.

Advantages Of Drinking Water

Your body requires water for survival. Every system in the human body requires water to work correctly. Water comes with multiple benefits:

● It helps in preventing constipation
● Water provides you with oxygen and nutrition
● Sufficient water helps in controlling your body temperature
● Water cleans the bacteria from your bladder
● Water decreases blood pressure and helps with digestion
● It helps with joint cushioning and lubrication
● Water safeguards your organs and tissues

When you provide your body with the sufficient water, it needs, you are keeping yourself hydrated, and your body can perform all functions easily. If you do not drink enough water every day, you run the risk of dehydration. Low blood pressure, weakness, disorientation, lightheadedness and dark urine are some of the symptoms of dehydration. You may face tract infections and multiple urinary problems if you do not drink water, and doctors might end up in the best pathology lab in Kolkata.

Sufficient Water Intake For Your Body

Your body requires water, and the water intake varies from one person to another. It depends on multiple factors like:

● The suggested regular water intake for women is around 2.5 l or 9 cups. Women need to consume around 10 cups of water daily when they are pregnant or approximately 12 cups of water during breastfeeding.
● The average amount of water recommended for men every day is 3 L or 13 cups.

These include all the fluids from beverages and foods like juice and tea apart from water. You should consume more fluids to stay hydrated if you stay outside on a hot day or engage in an activity that makes you sweat a lot. If you are experiencing diarrhoea, your doctor would recommend you go to the best pathology lab in Kolkata for dehydration testing. It is when you will realise the lack of water consumption for your body that may point to symptoms like vomiting or fever.

Water Intake For Kids

The quantity of water that kids require differs based on multiple factors, like adults. It includes gender, weight and age. Their activity, health and fitness are the factors that play an essential role. Teenagers and kids require six to eight cups of water regularly. They need to drink a lot of water along with fresh vegetables and fruits containing water like watermelon, muskmelon, cucumber and pineapple.

Tricks To Consume Sufficient Water

Here are some of the suggestions for consuming more water if you require help getting sufficient water intake:

● Squeeze some lime juice or lemon into your regular water to provide it with some flavour, and you will get the added benefits of Vitamin C.
● You are not required to consume plain water to stay hydrated. You can also consume organic fruit juices, milk, tea and soups as healthy options.
● Make sure to keep a water bottle near you every time you are working.
● Make sure to avoid beverages containing sugar. Beverages like alcohol, soda and juice may provide fluid, but they also incorporate multiple calories. Choose fluids that contain water whenever possible.

Do not just assume you are getting sufficient water because you are not thirsty. Rather, make sure to check your urine colour as it is one of the simplest techniques to find out if you are dehydrated. Get an appointment with a doctor at a multispeciality hospital in Kolkata if you notice any symptoms of hydration. They have connections with the best pathology lab in Kolkata that will help you with the right result for your body condition so that your doctor can carry out the required treatment.

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